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My name is Lacey Sasso. Here you can find my views and experiences while working in the dance world.

I use my blog as a way to talk about the very good times and the bad experiences we all face in the dance industry.

For more information about my professional work, here are some good places to start:

More details about me

I have been dancing and performing since I was 4 years old and have experienced joy, success, heartache, broken bones, body pressure, burn-out, and the rediscovery for my love of movement, choreography, and the stage.

I want to share these stories with you and use this blog as a forum to talk about the pressures and adversity that dancers seek in pursuit of their dreams.

In addition to my work as a dancer, I graduated from William James College in 2015 with my Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology and Expressive Arts Therapy.  Through my training I was able to research and gain insight into body image formation and what factors influence the development of disordered eating.

As a dancer, I have experienced the intense pressure to be extremely thin and have, at times, really struggled to remain healthy.  I am also hoping to explore a bit of research on the language we use to talk about our bodies and how this impacts our self-image and overall body concept.

I look forward to taking this journey and hearing your feedback.

All my best,


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If you’re looking to connect with me, the easiest way to follow my work is through my Facebook or Instagram page.

To message me directly, please get in touch through the form below.

Photo Credit: Spin Inspired Photography

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